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MyDZGmap v1.0
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MyDZGmap v1.0

Whoever finds the map is not good which also does not have it then download but no comment as Zb again a standard map or getting this whine all comments with insults and bitching will be deleted please all goes respectful to one another.
2 Important
The MyDZGmap is converted DZGmap of Blackwood hir the link to the original map Visit our http://www.modhoster.de/mods/dzgmap by Blackwood / Nico
I have been given permission by the mapper you can ask in like

For Map
The description in the game does not fit to my map, the mapper but wish that she remains not so wonderful
on the map, the Court has changed
with a mini BGA and 2Silos
there are big sites
the BGA has new silos
with the cows is a new silo near
no mods needed
auser patch 2.1 or higher http://www.farming-simulator.com/updates.php?lang=de
the map is multiplayer capable
Verdoren is Off
was fun with the map
in a few days a new version and even a thank you to Blackwood arrives for his preliminary work.


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