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Nettetal v1.1
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Nettetal v1.1

Welcome to Nettetal

Hello, I hereby present to you my first project.

In The Map Waiting For you:
- 2 yards with two independent silos (eg for multiplayer)
- Hoflager for straw, grass, silage and mixed feed
- Storage shed with controllable Stepa crane for storage of grass, silage and straw
- pig
- butcher
- Sheep barn and cowshed of the Manual must be cleaned out with shovel
- 46 boxes of whole large to very small
- Milchmod (milk you can bring yourself to the dairy and Sell)
- 5 outlets (industrial area, nursery, Landi, brewery and sugar factory)
- Fire Station and Police Station (Who wants to Occupy this)
- Wash
- Construction Yard (you can buy fertilizer and Sähgut with trailer and then Pep yard camps)
- Shopping center with milk sales
- Fertilizer warehouse at both farms (must be filled manually)
- SaatLager at both farms (must be filled manually)
- A Large BGA with balance (+ balance statistics)
- A construction site and a quarry and a Hoflager for sand gravel and earth.

(Sand and gravel at the quarry can be bought and sold earth)
(On the site you can sell the sand and gravel and earth buy)

Built Extras:
Clover and alfalfa
Gates to open with MapDoorTrigger  

Important: There are mods required: (is not a must but then could a couple of functions to be switched off)
-Gülle-Crap-lime-Mod, http://uploaded.net/file/9vmo4idn
-Milchmod, Http://www.modhoster.de/mods/milchmod 2013
-irgendeinen milk followers (is at Milchmod of acert here
-MapDoorTrigger Http://www.modhoster.de/mods/mapdoortrigger - 10
-PDAFIX http://marhu.net/ModPage.php?mod=PDAFix

!!!!! Important It must be started a new Score !!!!!
A big Sorry however, has just changed a lot

Changelog 1.1
fixed -CallstackError
-Shopping away
-New brewery
Revised 1-Hof
Revised 2-Hof
-Schweinemast Is now on farm 2
-silos Revised on court 2
Fixed -Minor detail error
Fixed -Absturzproblem cancel during the game

1 This map may NOT be offered on other sites for download, not using
the original download links
The second map may not be re-uploaded in altered form

Zuckerfabrik von Schwedenkopf
Überflurwaage von Repi und Blacky_BPG
Baustoffe Mod von dds-modding
Baustellenkran von freak36558
Baustelle von Spartane
Düngerlager von Steffen30muc
Brauerei von Mike-TM
Silos von spider100
Futterlager von frisco0177
Gartencenter von SLP20131
Hühnerstall von Manu ya
Mistzwischenlager von martinbigM500
Industrieanlage von LWS Terminator
Baustellenfahrzeuge von LU-MUK/Moddingteam
Krankenhaus von freak36558
Kuhstall von mariodieck
Map Objects Pack von ni_modding
Milchmod von acert
FFW mit Polizei von LWS Terminator
Rundballenlager von Steffen30muc
Rolltor mit Warnlicht von ieg53i
Schafstall von Wildfuchs
Strassennetz von HS-Golf
Straßenschilder Pack von Nick98.1
Tankstelle von DerZocker98
Waschnalage von buchhauer
Triggerpaket von TuneWar
Multifarm von Blacky_BPG
BGA von Stonebracker
Hochsilo Halle von Alex2009
Händler "bin noch am suchen"
Klee und Luzerne von bgo1973
Chopped Straw von webalizer
Mais Textur von Freak2009
Texturenpack "forgotten plants" von Eribus
MultiSprayer Herbizid Mod von upsidedown
Unterstand mit 4 Stellplätzen von mailman
Schlachthof von Tropy

  • Ingve
    2014-08-10 14:14
    Hi it dosent work.can you fix it,
  • Dle444
    2014-08-10 19:01
    what he said ^ it doesn't show up on the list. all the other maps I have are there but that one and I even wrote the names down but nettetal wasn't there
  • Cheater1996
    2014-08-10 22:47
    Yes, Thomas, fix it!It doesnt works
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