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Newbie Farm 2013 V5 Multifruits
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Newbie Farm 2013 V5 Multifruits

Welcome to Newbie Farm V5 the final version. A lot has changed with some of those changes making huge differences, here's a run down on some of those changes.

Street have been replaced with cobble stone texture (this took a very long time and was purposely left bumpy to add to the feel of it been an old road.

Hedges have now all been replaced with paintable ones, this was to help reduce loading times and average frame rates hopefully allowing those with lower spec rigs to also have the chance to try the map out (those who still have issue's can remove the tree's via giants as that should drastically help reduce things so your machine can handle the map)

Farm layout has been changed to help give it a more farm like feel. Although this map was never designed to be a European style map its turned out to look that way, this isn't a problem because the end result is the map looks much more polished and how I imagined it back in FS11.

Growth times for all fruits still keep the same idea (the more profitable the fruit type the longer it takes to grow) however all growth times have been lowered a lot and yields have been modified to help balance things out a little more.

Pallet collector has been added, this done because the placeable one didn't work that well due to the bumpy nature of the terrain.

There are many other changes some been so small it might be hard to spot, but hope you like the new update and thank you for downloading. Please note that this may not be redistributed on other sites In less the link for FSUK is used. Again thank you and enjoy.

///////////////////////////////////////////////////////Newbie Farm 2013 v5
Log Changes:
* Removed some crash detectors that i had previously missed.
* Main Silo's replaced with 3 new ones.
* Moved storage sheds to the front end of the farm.
* Added a loading ramp so its a little easier to load the trailers.
* Updated the vehicle reset locations.
* Moved the chicken pen to the old default silo lot.
* Built up the mountain around the old silo plot.
* Added some tree's around the old silo plot.
* Walls placed to break up the hedges a little around the village.
* Wall added around the farm shop (never did like the way it looked).
* Pig Slaughter house replaced for better looking building.
* Fields 18 and 19 joined together to form the new field 18.
* Moutain smoothed out near the bakery to allow for field 19 and adding some interest to the mountain pass.
* Grass Foliage layer changed so you can mow it in both the sheep and cow pens.
* Auto gates added to both cow and sheep pen, so you can get in side to mow the grass.
* Some clutter added around the farm and village.
* You now start off with field 11 and 12 (field 11 has oat and field 12 has Rye, both are ready to harvest).
* Totally changed the look of the farm (more storage space for vehicles and equipment).
* Paintable hedges added.
* Storage shed for grass, straw, chaff, feeding mix and silage replaced (Always looked out of place).
* Moved the fuel, seeds and feriliser into the farm (no longer around the rear of the farm).
* Mountain around the bakery edited to allow for larger trailers.
* Mountain around the entrance to the BGA modified to allow for larger trailers.
* New field added to the gravel yard out side of the farm (was for green houses, still enough room for greenhouses).
* Crop prices increased slightly.
* New bridges added.
* Moutain around pig slaughter house edited to allow for larger equipment to gain access more easily.
* Mountain at the back of the farm built up.
* Liquide manure moved closer to the water feeder for the cows.
* Repaced tghe last of the old hedges from V4, with painted hedges (they keep the crash detectors as these are the hedges around the farm, all hedges around fields have no crash detectors).
* Tunnel added near garden centre.
* Fountain moved to village.
* Garden centre fence extended and bushes added around the road.
* Hemp replaced with Dinkel.
* Modified vehicles updated to version 10 (seperate link included in map discription on FS-UK site).
* Soil textures updated.
* Manure storage added to front end of farm for use with greenhouses.
* Added Tomato greenhouse to starting equipement.
* Added manure forks to starting equipement.
* Pallet collector added.
* Added some paintable hedges around the fence for animal pens.
* New textures for wheat, barley and corn.
* Millet replaced with Soybean (never did like Millet).
* Removed fencing out of the bush on field 8 and by the green houses (didn't make sence for the fence to be there when there are bushes).
* Added more bushes around the farm.
* Made the fence to the sheep and cows so you can walk or drive through them and some of the fencing by the gates so you can get larger equipment through the gates.
* Increased amount of eggs (no need to keep running up to the chicken pen to clear out the eggs now as the eggs have been drastically increased to over 200).
* PDA updated.
* A few changes like at the bakery, the dirt road down to the bakery has been smoothed out more to reduce how steep the path way is down.
* BGA path way has been opened up a little more near the BGA barrier to allow for larger vehicles to be able to get in and out without been forced to drive through the tree's and bushes.
* Some more tree's spread around the map (mostly BGA and by the bridges over the river).
* A few major bumps smoothed out (don't want to smooth all the bumps out though because it wouldn't feel natural to have a smooth map).

* Fixed gate into cow pen turned around so that it opens into the pen and not out into the farm.
* Fixed all hedges around the fields replaced with paintable ones (should now work much better on lower end rigs).
* Fixed road removed and ground smoothed out and cobble stone texture painted.
* Fixed Prices vs growth times (now the growth times correctly reflect the prices).
* Fixed Freight yard price for Canola (reduced as it shouldn't have matched the price at the Mill).
* Fixed Pig sell prices (increased prices to make it more viable to get pig production up and running)
* Fixed price at Farmshop for Sugarbeet (price was highest at Freightyard).
* Fixed all prices (now are a little higher)
* Fixed Silage price (don't want this map to be about selling Silage, so the price of Corn and Silage have been combined and calculated to make sure its not all worth more than it should be).
* Fixed Corn and Dinkel price slightly (increased it because it was a little to low profitable compared to Canola and Sunflower, is still lower profit than those fruits but more balanced now).
* Fixed Rye yield.
* Fixed pallet collector.
* Fixed the mountain on field 11 so that hired drivers can work the field without getting stuck on the mountain.
* Fixed silo for grass, straw, silage and chaff by replacing it with bunkers (for some reason the silo would not work).
* Fixed all yields for crops so that they are similar (makes it so growing a long growing crop doesn't loose value over a quick growing crop).
* Ficed prices for all fruits.

Total Growth Times For All Fruits: these growth times are based on the game speed real time and growth speed set to fast. (note the more profitable the fruit type the longer it takes to grow).
sunflower ============= 77 hrs 20 min
rape ================== 70 hrs 13 mins
dinkel ================ 65 hrs 46 mins
greenwheat ============ 60 hrs 26 mins
barley ================ 57 hrs 46 mins
maize ================= 52 hrs 26 mins
wheat ================= 48 hrs 53 mins
oat =================== 44 hrs 26 mins
sugarBeet ============= 39 hrs 06 mins
millet ================ 34 hrs 40 mins
rye =================== 32 hrs 13 mins
potato ================ 27 hrs 33 mins
sorghum =============== 24 hrs
grass ================= 67 hrs

Note this map uses the following scripts:
Fruit yields
Fruit Hud
Water mod (part of the animal mod)
Registered Fruits
Pig script

Important the following mods are required for this map to work correctly:

Please note that the DLC (it is free now) classic farm equipment is a must as all your starting equipment and vehicles are part of that pack http://farming-simulator.com/dlc-detail-fs13-classics.php?lang=en.

For the modified default FS13 vehicles please download from this link (includes a backup of the original files) http://www.mediafire.com/download...FS+2013+Modified+Vehicles+V11.rar

PDA mod from Decker. http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/30493

For added realism see these mods:
Fuel adjustment mod, http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/27947
Manual ignition, http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/28081


* Giants
* Katsuo
* Xentro
* WBF-contracting1
* NI Modding
* Farmi
* modelleicher
* TwistedGA
* nlinetec
* tim
* sandgroper
* MultiMikie123
* Marhu
* GhillieSniper
* Prlek Modding
* Tessmann85
* Neurotek
* Decker
* TwistedGA
* Xentro
* kaosknite
* WKubota
* Weltbauer
* Bernd Bauer
* FreddyK
* LwFarming
* Eribus
* Blacky_BPG

* Karla
* Kevin.P
* Nightcop34
* Iain Robson

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