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Newbrook V3
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Newbrook V3

Hello Here i bring you Newbrook V3
Newbrook Farm 2013 has 19 fields and 2 farmyards
one arable farm and the main stock farm.
cows, sheep and chickens.
it has nice little roads.
hedges and fences around the fields.
it also has some tight corners that are hard to get round.

there's also a nice little village where you can sell your eggs at the small shop.
and at the brewery you can sell wool and crops.
the the vehicle dealership is right next to door to the brewery.

you start with 3 fields one with fully grown wheat,
one second stage mazie, and a field of grass ready to cut also if you wish you can cut
the cow and sheep fields.

i hope you enjoy Newbrook Farm 2013 version 3
and have fun farming on it!

I have the permission from the original author (peter716) to edit and upload this map.

don't upload this map to any other sites or edit it and upload it without asking me!

peter716, (maker of newbrook).
FarmerMark96, (for terrain and some of the layout from Guineford Farm).
NI Modding, (for map objects).
russ, (roads).
r.p.contractors, (for testing).
opbop, (for testing).

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