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Newgrange Farm 2013
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Newgrange Farm 2013

This is my latest 2011 convert to 2013.
Road network is exactly the same,
Farm has changed alot,
most of the sheds are the Modteams,but i have made a few extensions to them by myself for example the large cow shed is now a nice size calve shed.

The round roof wagon shed now has calves and a second floor just for looks it doesn't do anything.

I have edited the cattle sheds into two so the cows have plently of space.

Two silage pits in the farm,plus three pits at the BGA.

you can sell your bales in most of the calve sheds by placing the bale in the pen.

You chop your straw in the shed beside the cattle crush in the bull pen.

Seed and fertilizer are round the back of the farm where the seed and fertilizer stacks are.

Manure mod is installed.

Withering is disabled.

sell all your crops at the farm shop.

Steep terrain.

Collect eggs up at the church and sell at the farm shop.

Wool sell place is at the farm shop.


I think i have mentioned everything,report to the support topic if you have any questions!

NI Modding,
Manure mod-TMT (Marhu, piston seizure, Hatzfan),
vertex dezing,
Deutz Fahr UK.

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