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NewMap v9.0
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NewMap v9.0

Hello people ,
Hir again a new version of the NewMap
What is needed
New launch vehicles , it is classic of Agriculture requires no other vehicles
MapDoorTrigger is needed for the new halls
NewMap 9.0
In the cow pasture , sheep and resistance at the " chicken with wheat trough "
Can be used with the standard water trailers are genutz
As to her
2nd courtyard einwenig smaller in the you begin
port rebuilt
Hingebaut side the railway halls
At the large and the small courtyard newer halls
Among the cows to a third feeding trough
NewMap 8.0
2nd courtyard einwenig smaller in the you begin
port rebuilt
Hingebaut side the railway halls
At the large and the small courtyard newer halls
Among the cows to a third feeding trough
NewMap 7.0
other farm
Cow pasture at the farm
Sheep grazing in the yard
Pair of new construction houses
Gas station in village
Does not meet V.7/8/9
The farm was expanded
But displaceable Halls
The relocated cow pasture on the farm
A petrol station in the village
A second gas station in the new residential area / settlement
Development area / Sidung
The creators pasture wude versezt behind the three halls
Where the cow pasture was a silo
Port changed something
From here is 2011, the Maps and what was changed and everything
who has suggestions for what I should with cramming just write in the comments
Mods of Landwrtschafts - Smulator 2011
DLC2 Pack
Fendt Pack
Map Tools
Map Door Trigger
What has changed
Map V.1
Map V 1.0
Hello people and LS players here I want to show you my map times offer who has suggestions just write a comment
I want to thank all the modders for building
You need the Mod Map tools allow the Blitzerfunktionirt
NewMap V 2.00 With DLC2
Hello people hir times from my first " map" the 2nd version
I think pictures say more as words
V3.00 DLC
Dlc Bga silo roof
Changed Dlc Bga Skin
New Start Vehicles
Port with roads expanded somewhat
Green area around the Church
New dealer
Superfluous sale stops
Blitzer asked the port to 50 kmh
The free space at the port used if you are too lazy since the machines to ride in the yard so they do not im off around the pitch
And the gas station was shot
Verbessret The roads at the port
New buildings on the farm
New Startfahzeuge
The hall next to the supermarket Removed
Blowing Hüser at the court placeable
The DLC Fahrsilo Removes only the 3 available from the BGA
Who can think of some things you can do port yet Hin simply leave a comment with the link building
The a hall at the court slightly reduced
The hall at the silos removed now with several trucks tilt possible
New textures in HD
Very worth empfelens
Firehouse v.2.00 inserted at the free space
A barn on the farm installed with Funktionsfahigen doors MapDoorTrigger
A Small farm in the village for older machines
3Treibhäuser at the beginning of the next gardeners reaching for money
New launch vehicles one need no longer necessarily the FendtPack has also soe now a thresher
A Risen Match hole opposite the village Attention wheel turn no joke wish otherwise I Hött the 've never done I was told in multyplayer I took erwahne No multiplayer H I Benedikt
Finding a way to the field that is behind the mill;
Ausgestatet Opposite the harbor, the Large Field with corn
The harbor something Matured
The straw hall by law at the court
A DLC 2 BGA silo is full berreits
The Great Hall away at the court
Hall walk across the silos
The verkaustation away from dealer
Made a path behind the BGA
Driveways with gates
MB kept as small as possible number
That was my last version of the NewMap 's I'll warschnlich for the new
Make one Farming Simulator

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