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Nienalty v1.0
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Nienalty v1.0

Hey, I'm Danio and present to you my map Niena?ty by playing Farming Simulator 2013 . The map is a detail made machines designed to operate medium and smaller . Climate maps is 100% polski.Na map, you can also use Manure mode , and Alternative Tipping . By default, there are also other scripts , such as PDAs Fix , No colission Camera Mod Player Camera Mod , Custom Info Trigger, Water Mod v3 MapDoor Trigger . You will find a diverse field , varied topography , new night sky , realistic textures , realistic gleb?.Podzi?kowania for RageMana for your help and for Pwned for the creation of the film.
------------------------ The map was provided with : --------------------- -----
Manure v2
New Skins crops and hay and straw
Feeding the cows in the barn
Selecting the manure out of the barn
Loose demolish the barn
Polish roads
Turn down the straw in the barn
New beautiful silo for silage
Multi terein
Beautiful fence for cows and sheep
Watering all animals
Feeding the chickens
Eggs in nests
The new look of straw
And many other features .

I wish you a nice game and very cool fun on the second play mode Multi Player

------------------------------ Policies ------------------- --------
The prohibition to change the link to download the map Appreciate my efforts and do not change it .
You can be the map for other community forums but after copying the post .
If you record a video of the map to send it to me on the boards I could rate this video .
---- How to read / been rules can download the map : --------


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