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Nodikowo Small Map
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Nodikowo Small Map

The map contains:
* 1 farm
* cow
* hens
* Small village
* Interesting terrain

More you will see after downloading the map. ;)

Author: Qbex (Szklanka69)

Cheers for all the team of TeamSpeak'a, which was the inspiration for me when making maps. D
Especially for Nodiego (AGROursus360). ^^

File size: 225,67MB

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At of translating, please keep the entire contents of this post!
(With the exception of all the pictures, just a few.)
I greet and wish you a nice game. :)

Qbex (Szklanka69)

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    2014-09-02 22:13
    to osiemdziesiotka stoji w garazu
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