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Novotroitskiy v1.2
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Novotroitskiy v1.2

Hello Modhub!,

I present you new map called Novotroitskiy. This is medium fields map with beautiful landscape.
You can start new carrier on virtual farm in Czech. The map has got many fields with huge area.
The map has got traffic and predestarian. Optymalized. Zip format allowed you play with high detail with many FPS. Map need some optional mods (added with the map).
The map has got new fruits (in example Sunflower), and some fruits Which is pretty to our eyes (non-played)
Map Has many roads and trian station with.
Get started and play! :)

polyakdemon / mth_dester
Keep the oryginal download link!

polyakdemon/ mth_dester

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    good map but there is one problem when you save it the save stays on for a long time and it don't save the game
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