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Old Reddevitz v1.0 Beta
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Old Reddevitz v1.0 Beta


My new Alt Reddevitz. It is a real replica, of a region of Pomerania. The map is about 3.5 km long and 400-500m wide.

What's on the Map:

-7 Fields

-5 Meadows


-Technology Farm

Cow farm

Baltic Sea ^ ^

There is not much satisfied with this map because it is not big it is not perfect! It is also my first real replica of a landscape.

Those who find fault they can write to the Kommi's, so I can fix them in the V1.

Thank you to all the modders Derren objects I've built!

According to § 4 of the copyright following link is considered the official database value:
The map may be offered on other forums with the original download link.
! Keep the original download link!

Mülli & diverse Modder

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