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Old Times Final v5.2
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Old Times Final v5.2

Old Times v5.2 Final
So, now it runs correctly .
Installation: Simply replace the old OLD_TIMES_IV.zip file with the new version.
Load Places of cars newly placed . Ie : your land vehicles not on the roof, but the dealer and on the farm.
- The fields can now be grubbed .
Invisible - away collisions
- The entrance to the dealer is now slightly wider .
- The markers at points of sale were adjusted
- The crops are now visible even from afar
_The Meadow north of Box No. 2 was something geebne so that there are placeable building place.
And there are a few minor blemishes were still eliminated
- You may draw your old saves from version 4.0 use
The terrain is largely remained the old , but the court, the cow pasture , the village , the harbor, the vegetation, etc. have been completely revised . And of course there is now a sheep pasture.
Where originally was the sugar factory , now is the weaving where you can sell your wool . The harbor was scaled so that it better fits into the overall landscape. You can , of course, there continue to sell your crop.
Now located at the former potato collection is a windmill. This will be displayed to you as a " country store " in the PDA . - There can be sold alongside cereals and potatoes and sugar beets. The water mill ( mill) has remained at its old location .
The Old Brewery has given a decent half-timbered building , and is now an inn , where their corn , potatoes and sugar beet can sell .
The milk you have to bring yourself back to the dairy . See PDA. You need a suitable trailer to transport milk . Fits to the map there is for example Can the milk of HatzFan car . Be found here: http://www.modhoster.de/mods/oberthalbach-milchkannenwagen
The feeders for the cows are in the barn (where you can also sprinkle straw ) and the pasture.
Right next to the barn is the storage of milk . Can there you can load your car. ( With the "R" button.) Directly behind the milk storage is the manure pile and a small manure pit . The corner building next to the barn , the barn in which their example Store straw bales can.
On the old farm a lot has changed . So now is example the corn , potatoes and beets stored in barns . The trailers are emptied prior to the corresponding gates . Loaded you can get your followers to both the blowers, which are located at the barns , or by hand with a shovel. This has reinforced the Deutz front loader bucket of Steve007 .
Be found here: http://www.modhoster.de/mods/deutz-frontlader-schaufel
details :
- No Missions
- All fields are yours and need not be purchased separately
Fruit varieties : standard
Standard Start Vehicle
- Best for the free add-on " Classics of Agriculture" suitable .
Off - road
Multiplayer : Yes
- Decay : from
It is not allowed to upload the map or parts of it again !
The map may be found in forums , etc , using the original download links !
Keep the original download link !
And now, have fun!

Vielen Dank für die Objekte:
Layers - Treckerjack_TJ1 & El_Cid
Garage - ziolek6
Fachwerkscheune - RAUSCHEBART
Alter Zaun - martinbigM500
Barn - ziolek6
Kuhstall - ziolek6
Kuhstall2 - Cayman
Stodola - Kosa
Steinbrücke - LU-herzberg
Gebäude Magazin - marjas31
Altes Landhaus - spider100
Bierzeltpack (Sidor) - charly_99
Old models - thecsfun
Farm Silotriggers - pisty
Hafenmauer - MThis
Grastextur - Marc85
Milchannahme - GE-Mapping
Milchsammelstelle - firststep
Vanilleeis - Lowpoly-Bäume
Eifok Landhandel - cyber11
Alte Windmühle - spider100
Alter Klinkerstall - Kolbenfresser
Heuhaufen - unbekannt
Misthaufenset - M-S_Buschi
Bauer und seine Frau - spider100

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