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Opel Blitz flatbed 56 v1.1.2
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Opel Blitz flatbed 56 v1.1.2

The bad news first:
- It is forbidden to Mod independently upload to a portal and offer . The mod is only offered on Modhoster and Simulatortipps.com !
- It is forbidden to change the mod or expand . Except for private , personal use
- It is forbidden to spread the mod , the models , the textures and the scripts as your own . All rights reserved by Simulatortipps.com
- The mod with no evidence of the creator ( Simulator Tips , Kevin J Barton ) to link
Ignorance is no excuse ! Violators will be prosecuted !

- Provide the link to download the mods your friends or your community
To change the mod for private and only your own use, -
- Your friends or your community to talk about the mod and say where did you get it
- To have fun
- On http://www.simulatortipps.com to ask for support

- The vehicle is operated as other vehicles
- High resolution textures
- Baked on texture ambient occlusion and Dirt and Rust
- Normalmap
- Original Sound ( mixed )
- Loads default fruits
- 5700m ³ load volume
- 45 km / h top speed

3D model & texture - Kevin
Ingaming - Kevin

Before you contact us in case of problems , the mod tries out alone . This means removing all other mods from euerem mod folder . If the problem still exist then you can report to you at the following addresses :
Forum: http://www.simulatortipps.com/wbb3
TeamSpeak : Simulatortipps.de

Kevin J Barton

  • Papy farming
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    Bonsoir,De toute manière en France vous devez avoir les droits ou aux minimums les droits d'images et de marques pour l utilisations . Le jour ou les propriétaires des marques utilisées mettrons les nez dans le monde de Farming non officiel tous sera fini
  • Bigshot15
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    why is all of the mods ziped
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