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Opel Blitz flatbed 56 v1.1.2
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Opel Blitz flatbed 56 v1.1.2

The bad news first:
- It is forbidden to Mod independently upload to a portal and offer . The mod is only offered on Modhoster and Simulatortipps.com !
- It is forbidden to change the mod or expand . Except for private , personal use
- It is forbidden to spread the mod , the models , the textures and the scripts as your own . All rights reserved by Simulatortipps.com
- The mod with no evidence of the creator ( Simulator Tips , Kevin J Barton ) to link
Ignorance is no excuse ! Violators will be prosecuted !

- Provide the link to download the mods your friends or your community
To change the mod for private and only your own use, -
- Your friends or your community to talk about the mod and say where did you get it
- To have fun
- On http://www.simulatortipps.com to ask for support

- The vehicle is operated as other vehicles
- High resolution textures
- Baked on texture ambient occlusion and Dirt and Rust
- Normalmap
- Original Sound ( mixed )
- Loads default fruits
- 5700m ³ load volume
- 45 km / h top speed

3D model & texture - Kevin
Ingaming - Kevin

Before you contact us in case of problems , the mod tries out alone . This means removing all other mods from euerem mod folder . If the problem still exist then you can report to you at the following addresses :
Forum: http://www.simulatortipps.com/wbb3
TeamSpeak : Simulatortipps.de

Kevin J Barton

  • Mrbisonm
    2016-02-11 17:41
    Extreme idiocy with those "forbidden" warnings of yours. Geeeeez, if you're that posessive and don't want to share freely, just don't upload it. We can live without it.Btw, there is no law of prosecution whatsoever that could provent someone from using it elsewhere since it is a free download on the internet. No registered copyrights neither.....Being a total dumbass does not bring you anything. Remember this!
  • Papy farming
    2016-04-05 20:29
    Bonsoir,De toute manière en France vous devez avoir les droits ou aux minimums les droits d'images et de marques pour l utilisations . Le jour ou les propriétaires des marques utilisées mettrons les nez dans le monde de Farming non officiel tous sera fini
  • Bigshot15
    2017-08-06 02:08
    why is all of the mods ziped
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