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Pack of American Style Buildings
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Pack of American Style Buildings

 Here are 3 buildings 2 of which have operating doors. The 3rd is a large open barn with a nonfunctional silo. You have the MailPouch barn and another garage that the doors operate on.
 All three buildings must be placed using Giants Editor. The 2 that have opening doors also have a folder in them with a Roltorlua.script And your extra source text to add
 in your modDesc for your map. I have them set up to use a folder named  (Script) without the brackets in the main map directory where the modDesc  and default vehicles
 files are located. If you choose to put the Roltorlua.file somewhere else you will need to show that in the extra source file. You will need to unzip the zip file ,there you find the folders
 for the buildings. If released in a map please include in credits. Thank you and I hope you enjoy these objects.  The doors on the Mailpouch open farther than they should but I could not change
 that without getting errors and warnings. The extra source  should look like this in the modDesc xml unless you already have additional tex and extra source lines.

Model and ingame: JohnDeere1952
Textures: CG Textures
DoorTriggerscript grafik-edv

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