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Pallets dumping ground v1.0
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Pallets dumping ground v1.0

Hi Com,
here today I have a pallet unloading place for you.
The pallets are Einzelln and can therefore also be placed differently ... and all is intended for the Giants Editor So to even install in your map. BUT since I knows that it can not because some simply have the time or better yet lack the desire still lies in the RAR file, a placeable version here. So after downloading the file unpacked!
To the Mod itself:
the pallets are built 1:1 exactly the right size ...
All components have a total of:
Verts: 4948
Edges: 7579
Faces: 3158
Tris: 7026
UVs: 10418
The textures are:
Diffuse and Normal Map 2048x2048 pixels
I way once more towards the fact there are dealing with two versions! To install the GE and a placeable version!
It is intended as decoration .....
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REYModder oder auch R3Y

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