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Papkow v1.0
0 0 0 2009

Papkow v1.0

Author: pasik1236

Map features:
- 1 holding, End of month you will not find on any other map
- Polish climate
- Mod chaff
- And much more

On the map there are no cows, manure and slurry,: because I was not needed and the farm is geared more to grow crops than cattle farming.
The map is rather smaller equipment.
Once more I invite you to:

Prohibited to change the link to download, reuploadu and add your own links and inserting on private servers or portal pages with additions to the game!
When of translating on other forums, pages and portals must copy the Entire contents of this post and Provide the author.
Prohibits the issuance of editing without my permission!
If you find any error, please write to me in PM. On all pages have the same nickname (pasik1236). I wish you a long and wonderful game.

Author: pasik1236

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