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Peterbilt 386 Daycab
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Peterbilt 386 Daycab

I can now proudly present to you pickaxe9's Peterbilt 386 Day-cab for Farming Simulator.

"The Model 386 is innovatively designed for those who demand outstanding aerodynamic performance, superior fuel efficiency and the highest overall value."

"Featuring premium-grade aluminum and advanced composite materials, reducing the weight for increased payloads. It is available with a selection of detachable sleepers for greater resale value or in a day cab configuration for short haul applications. The aluminum cab is lightweight but strong and corrosion-resistant, providing years of watertight and rattle-free performance."

It is a simple mod for Farming Simulator 2013 that will pull any trailer with the "semitrailer" attacher joint. The truck has features such as beleuchtungV31 (indicators/turn signals), DrivingParticleSystem and overall a detailed yet smooth and clean model.

Model from sketchup warehouse by PETERBILT1993 and Snake.
Converting to GE by pickaxe9.
Scripting by pickaxe9.
beleuchtungV31.lua by Sven777b
DrivingParticleSystem.lua by Manuel Leithner

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