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Photos FS Map + Mod Pack
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Photos FS Map + Mod Pack

Well guys, I made this map in the rush through my pc gamer burned the source al'm having to play on the laptop (which is not the best) so I decided to create a map to play and decided I would post this ai map, diposnibiliznado'm also a modpack for those who want to play multiplayer with me, the server will be open in the afternoon and sometimes evening at the International channel, the server name will be "Photos Farming Simulator" which is the name of my page on facebook, mods the pack are all public or download then thinking that the pack has vIPs mods, I'll be playing practically every day and multiplayer anyone can join, add me on skype to chat while you play: geovane.juver, for the record, who enter the server to will disrupt kikado, the map is super lightweight to avoid lag!

Geovane Juver
Equipe Photos Farming Simulator

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