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PJ 40 Flatdeck Ramps
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PJ 40 Flatdeck Ramps

Here we have a  PJ Low Pro flatdeck with duals. This trailer is 40' long and has fold down ramps for easy loading. Other options include working turn signals, working jack, lock down script, and the wheel particle specialization. That is about all. The ramps operate using X, the lock down script operates using O, and the turn signals are KP1,2,3.

This trailer is not perfectly to scale, it is a little oversized. Just putting it out there.

Thanks for looking.

Please Do Not Upload To Other Sites

Model and textures: KramarJ
Testing: KramarJ, BigCountry, Mwlacy, SeriousMods and LinemanLogan
Lock Down Script: Peterj
Beleuchtung 3.1: Sven777b
Driving Particle System: Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
Jackstand: Twisted GA

  • Dds


    2015-01-10 20:04 Send message
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    where i can find this pickup mod?
  • Zajkoski
    2015-04-15 19:44 Send message
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  • Timmy
    2016-04-09 01:06 Send message
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    DDS it is in a ford truck pack
  • Jd4020
    2018-05-12 23:33 Send message
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    I need link to tractor that is amazing and nice picture i had to see it.
  • Worriedx
    2018-12-24 11:01 Send message
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    I can't find no truck that will pull it... But it's a amazing trailer!
  • ¨victor
    2019-01-17 08:48
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