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Placeable heaps v3.1 SP
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Placeable heaps v3.1 SP

To anywhere on the map cereals, straw / grass / hay , fruits & vegetables, chopped , silage, forage , inter alia, intermediately . Can unload trucks, Drescher , harvesting and chopping machines , conveyor belts , and front or wheel loader. Ideal for holding a front or wheel loaders , feed truck , conveyor belt , or Ropa mouse.
Just the " pile " or the unloading point in the Shop , place it on the map and unload fruit or cargo. In single player or in multiplayer host may immediately with the ". " (Dot) position when sitting in any machine. If it is empty , he can also spot with "." resell or dissolve .
Cost : € 0 , 0 € / day
Note: The unloading point can be ( like other placeable building also ) not in certain areas such as the courtyard (where the vehicles are reset ) , the automobile dealer or not purchased, place fields . In addition, they must have a certain distance to other placeable buildings and it should not be a vehicle or player at the point of purchase.
This mod requires the UniversalProcessKit from V1.0.1 !
V3.0beta is not multiplayer compatible ( because it is not the UPK )

What does " beta " version ?
"Beta" means that I am that the mod works as it should (! ) Of the opinion . I have tested it with the means at my disposal and found no errors . "Beta" means but also that he has not been tested with 10,000 other players with 10,000 different Modkombinationen what I obviously can not do themselves. Errors can occur ! ("Beta " does not signify that this version is half-baked and was uploaded on good luck. )
If you should find an error, I 'd appreciate feedback and send your log.txt .
How updated / installed their version V3.0beta ?

Note: The storage format has been changed , you can not without a backup again to version 2.0 downgrade (without loss of Füllstande ) .
Make 1 backup of the game stand / Scores
2 the old PlaceableHeaps.zip for security anywhere else hinkopieren (not required for installation)
3 Download the UniversalProcessKit and copy it to the mod folder
4 Copy the new PlaceableHeaps.zip in the mod folder
5 ready!

So you have the possibility to make the update undo , if any unexpected error occurs .

Features of V3.0beta
- New clusters form
- 40 types of fruit are supported
- Many new textures
- Improved texturing with grass, hay and straw
- The unloading points can be named ( key combination Shift + "." - In the Help window is , not to be confused with the Caps Lock key " Shift . " )
- Designated unloading points appear in the PDA on the map and in the statistics
- Setting and clearing the unloading directly in the game ( press the " . " )

Supported types of fruit
- Cereals: wheat , oats , triticale , barley , rye , spelled, rapeseed , sunflower, poppy , corn , millet, green wheat
- Straw / grass / hay : grass, clover , alfalfa, hay , wheat straw, barley straw , oat straw, rye straw
- Vegetables: potatoes , sugar beet , peas , carrots , onions , soy beans, cucumbers, tomatoes
- Fruit : Apples
- Chopped , energy willow chopped
- Silage , fodder , animal feed
- Other : Crap, lime, fertilizer , gravel, sand

Game Internally, there are the following : wheat, oat, triticale, barley, rye, dinkel, rape, sunflower, mohn, maize, millet, greenwheat, grass_windrow, klee_windrow, luzerne_windrow, dryGrass_windrow, wheat_windrow, barley_windrow, oat_windrow, rye_windrow, potato, sugarBeet, pea, erbse, carrot, onion, soybean, cucumber, tomato, apfel, chaff, energieweide, silage, forage_mixing, forage, manure, kalk, fertilizer, kies, sand
Note: The standard vehicles can load only a few fruits - you need a wheel loader or bucket - mods , so you can pick the fruit again and dump truck mods for transporting !
Example: The standard Kuhne mixer feed wagon can indeed overturn feed and compound feed to the unloading point , but do not pick it again!
Have fun with this mod!

Die Skripte sind von mir, die meisten Texturen auch, nur die Standardfrüchte wurden leicht abgeändert, 3D-Modell ist auch von mir neu gemacht

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