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Placeable Service Shop
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Placeable Service Shop

This is 30x60 2 door service shop which is placeable and can be bought in the shop for $8,000 with daily upkeep of $5. Both doors are operational with an operating vehicle hoist on the outside.
 The hoist will accommodate most of your farm vehicles. You have a control post at the cornor of the building that operates the hoist. You will also find lightning rods installed on the building.
 The hoist may go higher than what scale would be but this allows you to go under the sides and miss the collisions in most cases. The latest patch should be installed. Thank you
 for downloading and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. It is recommended to place on fairly level ground.

Model: JohnDeere1952
Ingame: JohnDeere1952
Textures: Giants, CGTextures
ImsPlaceable: TwistedGa

  • Dragonwv
    2016-02-14 04:04
    is this mod for fs 2015 or 2013?
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