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Placeable Soil Mod fert/herbi Tanks - groups
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placeable Soil Mod fert/herbi Tanks - groups

Placeable groups of fertiliser and herbicide tanks
One group of 4 tanks for fertiliser/lime and one group of 3 tanks for herbicide.
Each tank group has been labelled for the 7 products used in Decker_MMIV's Soil Management & Growth Control Mod and have been made specifically for Decker_MMIV's Soil Management & Growth Control Mod.
Based on Fibreglass tanks made locally specifically for liquid fertiliser.
Our liquid fertiliser has a specific gravity of 1.33, or 1 and 1/3 times the weight of water, so requires a stronger tank than that required for clean water.
Each tank has its own concrete foundation and trigger to fill your sprayers.
Place these either individually or in groups around your farm to fill your sprayers without having to run back to your main yard.
Due to my lack of knowledge of lua scripting, when you first buy these, there will be warnings in the log about deleting fertilizerTriggers -- but there are no errors when loading a savegame. These are warnings only, they will not affect game play, cause lag or crash your game...
This mod is substantially Copyright to me : you do not have the right to distribute this in any way, shape or form anywhere on planet Earth; and especially not on any file-sharing websites where uploaders get paid for downloads... You may not edit or reskin this mod with the intention of uploading or sharing. You may edit this for personal use only !

Model, Textures, Ingaming etc Sandgroper
sprayFillTrigger - Giants

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