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Plawanice v1
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Plawanice v1

Welcome. I would like to introduce you to my first map Pławanice v1. This is a map of the Polish climate and has been partly mapped from real farms and surrounding areas. The main feature of the maps are 3 fully functional economy and certainly kinda makes the game on multiplayer. So map has: 

- Three of the economy 
- Manure and slurry v2 
- Mod v2 weeds 
- Mod lime 
- Purchase of grain 
- Animals: Cows, chickens, sheep and pigs 
- All animals watering 
- Gates on "About" 
- BGA 
- Village 
- Shop Agroma 
- Purchase (Bale, cubes) 
- Lime charging aurochs 
- Square beet 
- Sale of pigs 
- Interesting terrain 
- Small, medium and large field


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