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Pleasant Valley Fences V2
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Pleasant Valley Fences V2

Pleasant Valley Fences V2 was designed to be the ultimate multiplayer map. The map is a 4x multifruit map with features exclusively designed for multiplay! The required mod pack has been specifically designed for optimum performance on servers and includes all the vehicles and scripts you will need for hosting the ultimate server game!

Features and mods include:

-- 10 individual farms, each surrounded by its own color fence and with its own animal barns (cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, lambs, foals, horses, piglets, calves, beef)
-- 23 different fruit types ( wheeat, barley, canola, corn, sugarbeet, potato, millet, sorghhum, cotton, soybean, sunflower, carrot, onion, mushroom, sugarcane, tomato, oat, rye, honeymelon, watermelon, coffee, poppy, hemp)
-- 19 factories produce (seed, fertilizer, fuel, hops, beer, culligan water, cement, soup, juice, canned vegges, textiles, pepsi, snacks, gold, vodka, whiskey, birdseed, bread, salsa)
-- Gravel pit with coal,  sand, gravel and salt. features piles that fill over time
-- Scales at factories to keep track of who is contributing to what factory
-- Factories need to be supplied with coal to keep them operating
-- Integrated map buyable objects. Factories and other items need to be purchase before use
-- integrated gameplay mod limits the amount you can spend on a single purchase in the store based on how many fields are owned
-- Integrated custom vehicle group switcher. Each farm has its own group
-- Pleasant Valley Bank allowss users to bank there money before exiting the server and withdraw it when they log back in. Account info is stored in the save game file so only server admins have access
-- custom version of vehicle damage mod integrated (repairs are paid by the server account and vehicle damage is reduced)
-- random prices. prices are randomized at each ssell point every hour so that you are not always selling to the same place.
-- Placeable silos with their own inventory so that players can store what they grow on their farm
-- integrated forest mod - a custom version is available so that forest mod vehicles don't take damage and so that players cant purchase additional facilities for their farms
--- Many custom vehicles in the color of each individual farm
-- integrated pdafix with yellow prices to let your players know when products can be sold
-- and much more!

the mod pack can be downloaded here  http://www.mediafire.com/download/i1m4e8z9y68i4p4/Fences_V2_mods.zip
more info is available in the pdf file found here http://www.mediafire.com/view/nlhwffkol3fwqjo/fencesV2.pdf

credits are included in the pdf file

our facebook support page can be found here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pleasant-Valley-Fences/175281919328799?ref=hl

Dajnet Mods

a special thanks to the following modders:

Sandgroper (hedges, world bounds, vinyl fencing, fertilizer tanks, stone sheds, starter map)
Hermit23 (feed mill)
marhu (water mod, pig mod, wool palette mod, manure mod mixing station script)
looseterror (bulkfuel)
freak36558 (bank)
modelleicher (house)
sefir (silos)
mr. hopema (grass texture)
willard920 (soccer field)
epicpryda (house)
lsportal (sheds)
firejoker (wood fence)
profi, buchhauer, Blacky_BPG (Car Wash)
Blacky_BPG (Digital Displays, Scales, Fillable Fuel Tanks)
mor2000 (Universal Process Kit)
BlueTiger (In Game Menu Enhancement)
omarthefirst, Hewaa, vanilla ice, yannik, giants, johan12, Dennis Busch, spider100, fs-uk,
tento, desperdos93, @funky, planet boone. webby, chefkoch Stefan Geiger, Sven777B,
HardStyler, Alex2009, Kolbenfresser, Hatzfan, webalizer, fsm-team, eifok-team, dajoun,
tunisia, Trekkerbodo, zefir, Wingi, LWFarming Hewaa, winddrop, bigdaddy012678

  • Dan


    2014-07-23 02:52 Send message
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    good map ,keep up the good work
  • Jeff
    2014-07-23 05:18 Send message
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    Awesome map, so much to do, not sure where to start.Look forward to your work for FS 2015.
  • Dg


    2014-07-27 04:31 Send message
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    amazing map, great job, one question, when I save game and log back in, it appears any vehicles I have purchased are not saved and I have to restart, any help would be appreciated as I do enjoy the map diversity.
  • Guest
    2014-07-27 09:02 Send message
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    Are you running any other mods than come in the mod pack?
  • Dg


    2014-07-27 12:48 Send message
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    yup, I downloaded there mod pack and now have noticed that in my other save games all equipment once saved now when I log back into the games I have none anymore, it has become a bit of a disaster but I still like there map very much so I am trying to work it out, been deleting there mods and map in order to regain my hard work on other maps.
  • Jeff
    2014-07-27 23:48 Send message
    0 0
    DG,Sounds like a mod conflict to me. I would save the pleasant valley fences mods in a separate folder and use mod commander to switch between mods required for your other maps and this one. I usually keep a separate folder for each map and mods that I run to make sure a conflict doesn't happen. I was in the same boat prior to mod commander. I believe DAJNET did a tutorial on mod commander.Hope this helps,Jeff
  • Jeff
    2014-07-29 00:36 Send message
    0 0
    DG,Here is the link for the video tutorial for mod commander.http://youtu.be/XP-4jJ2hDVQ
  • Traie
    2014-07-31 21:56 Send message
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    Can the map be played in SP or just MP?
  • Traie
    2014-07-31 21:56 Send message
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    Can the map be played in SP or just MP?
  • Dajnet
    2014-08-01 02:38 Send message
    0 0
    it can be played in sp as well
  • Dave
    2014-08-07 21:51 Send message
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    have bought everything and factories from the building makered centry 21 but when i tryed to go in factory delmonte there closed signs in front the barriers i have bought everything that was needed to use this factory.....please help...
  • Olivier
    2014-08-11 19:30 Send message
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    j'écris en français excuse bonne map très intéressante mais comment on fait pour enlever les barrières de la mine a charbon et les autre son alimente par le charbon je crois (vu vidéo)
  • Jeff
    2014-08-13 03:28 Send message
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    Hello Dave,Please ensure that you have supplied coal to the factories. It is had for a factory to operate without an energy source, in this case coal. :)Hope this helps,Jeff
  • Peter
    2014-09-30 08:24 Send message
    0 0
    hi.nice map where is the bga plant thanks
  • Søren
    2015-03-08 19:53 Send message
    0 0
    Hi I can not get it to work is there anyone who can Localized help me
  • Dle444
    2015-08-09 19:15 Send message
    0 0
    I have fences v2 and when I do the sugarcane field I cant unload form the 7545. it tells me to pull under a trailer I have all the trailers but cant unload to the trailers please help...........
  • Dle444
    2015-08-09 19:19 Send message
    0 0
    to the note the trailer shows it hauls sugarcane but wont unload into it
  • Coffee
    2017-02-05 01:31 Send message
    0 0
    Will this be updated for FS 17. Can't find any info on it.
  • Deathhorde
    2018-12-09 17:06 Send message
    0 0
  • Grandpa
    2020-02-18 20:03
    0 0
    Pleasant valley was my all time favorite over the years! I liked the Mining, Factories and the Wide Open Spaces and hardly any Trees. Convert it to FS19
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