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POLSKA Centralna v1.0
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POLSKA Centralna v1.0

Welcome. Presenting my next map. It was built on the basis of Karszewa, where we start our career in a small farm, with several machines, three fields and the Possibility of breeding pigs, chickens and sheep. Subsequently Reaches us the opportunity to buy new boxes and a big farm in the Polish climate with beautiful modern buildings for in amount of $ 300,000. The new gospodarswie we can breeding cows and pigs.

The map is in a climate of Polish central reason is fairly flat with light pogórkami. Short description:
- 22 farms forming a beautiful village (2 playable)
- 22 pala (19 to buy) + 3 medium aki?
- Total area of 25 acres of fields
- Silos for all crops + straw, grass
- Ability to load grain loader
- Car and a milk
- Biogas
- Two buying-
- Beautiful scenery ód?
- A small feed mixing with a mixer
- High quality texture
- Fire brigade, two gas stations
- Everything related to pigs and cows do in barns
- A lot of animation
- Compatible PDA

Used scripts:
- Gateway to the key
- Mod water for the cows
- Mod manure
- Slurry Mod
- Lime Mod
- Mod chaff
- Map silo tape
- The super silo

PS map did for Themselves and accor ding to Their Own tastes. In my opinion she Correctly. Prohibition editing. Please do not change the link !!! I hope you enjoy the game) Regards Marianekelo.


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    2014-09-15 20:22
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    2014-09-16 12:25
    hello I install the map but does not make me view the list of maps like I do?
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