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Powell Butte (Multi-Fruit) v1.0
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Powell Butte (Multi-Fruit) v1.0

****Players will need patch 2.0 or higher to play this map**** 

Recommended mods: 
PDAfix v2.1 by Marhu : http://www.modhoster.com/mods/pdafix 
Joskin Betimax RDS 7500 v 1.0 by Marhu: http://www.modhoster.com/mods/joskin-betimax-rds-7500--2 (used for transporting pigs) 

This map is based on a real location, however I created the farm, fields, and sell points with my imagination. This map is almost half the size of the original map so I think this would make for a good single/multiplayer map. There are the default vegetables and grains along with Sunflower, Greenwheat, Cotton, and Oat. 

All the animals are available in this map with the addition of pigs. Now you can raise pigs (by feeding them and waiting for them to multiply) and then sell them at the designated area. I have increased the amount of eggs the chickens will lay to 100 so that you are not always needing to pick up the eggs as often, plus I gave the chickens a larger area. 

Storage areas for silage, forage, grass, straw, chaff, and manure (all with conveyors for easier loading) 
Custom made Pig and Water icons 
New Plow/Seed/Cultivator Textures 
Bought vehicles/equipment will be delivered to your farm 
Sounds for farm gas station and electric boxes 
Wool Pallet Collector 

Hope you enjoy this map.

Giants for their great editor and game
Marhu for MapSiloBand, PigMod, WaterMod, and WoolPalleteCollector
Bergi2001 for his PigSellPoint v2
Msi-andy2 for his Garden Center v1
ZeFir for Cultivator/Plow/Seed Textures
sandgroper for his map boundary
Ace-UK for the Silo signs - converted to FS2013 by me
Scout2of3 custom made Pig and water icons

  • Andrew
    2016-03-01 22:44
    How about converting this map for FS 2015? There is no Powell Butte on 2015 and it would be awesome to see it there.
  • Chiefberry
    2017-09-26 06:46
    How about converting Powell Butte to 2017? In 2013, this is the most time I have spent on a map. Would love to play it again.
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