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ProjektX v1.0 beta
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ProjektX v1.0 beta

Here is for you the Ready ProjektX Map of jucheland =)
the outset that the permission from him there is Written !
On the map you can find two farms where they can feed the cows and get for manure.
Furthermore, they find a biogas plant and two grain dealer where they can sell their grain .
The landscape is hilly but easy to visit =)
The map was rebuilt by me in last night and at the present day a lot ... and before anyone nagging yes I know there are still a few places where you could I do not remember ! but I 'm keeping these on order to do there what can still correct ( surprise gift for the future ) .
I thank you again very much Jucheland for the release and also hope you like the map, and you have there a great game =)
I also thank all the modders and mappers whose objects I could block =)
Required Mods: MapDoorTrigger
Mfg Fendtfahrer92


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