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Raba 180r v3.0
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Raba 180r v3.0

Hello LS friends have , turn made ​​me times the Raba 180r rewrite 13 UV and log- error free for LS.
Since I played as a child like with dirt , the Raba is now in the used - look, has tire marks , dust and gets really dirty, so that washing is also worth ;-)
I personally find him , for example, very useful with the stretching silo compressor or with large plows.
There are also some improvements been added .

Adjusted steering and driving speed
Tire dirt and dust
Improved sounds , horn , brakes, orig.Startsound , handbrake
Dirt texture , so washable
A - collapsible rear hydraulics , since in addition a trailer hook was fitted
Added Pto - attacher
Sides and interior mirrors installed , the drive making it somewhat adventurous
Heugabelhalter on the driver's side
Dynamic exhaust smoke
Kompl.Licht Bel3.1 ( work light , front / rear , high beam, parking light , RUL , etc.)
By the light of the following should be noted when the vehicle is selected !
1 x light switch long press = Total Light + Remote Light
again hold = normal light
1 times short tap = Light off
Has everything again cost me a few days headache , but I hope one or the other also has fun with the part.
My thanks goes to " balogh2003 " for the original model, and to all the brilliant scripter that make it always possible to improve Mods and bring more realism to the game .
More s.Credits

balogh2003 Ur-Modder
sämtliche Skripter, die diesen Mod möglich machten,
StartSound LudmillaPower,
Verbesserungen u.Umbau linky

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