Farming simulator 2019 mods
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After 6 months of working on the map, Welcome to the fifth already unveiling of the maps in the series Radowiska.

* What's on the map?
- 3 medium sized farms.
- Laying on the first, second Pigs, calves on the third Farm. Everyone will find something for themselves.
- Weight in procurement that brings Nam actual mass.
- Runs bus and train freight.
- Curious Polish climate.
Much of this is. The rest see themselves Smile

* Map of medium sizes work even on medium-sized and better PC.
* Optimized for 4 +.
* Log "clean"!
* Weight 246mb.
* In the middle will find all what you need for the correct operation of maps and other clues in the file
"Be sure to read!"

Created by DzimsonĀ©

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