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Raven SKE400 and Multi Drill Set v2.0 MR
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Raven SKE400 and Multi Drill Set v2.0 MR

Harrow SKE400:
- Animated centrifugal
- Arbeitsparticlesystem
- 3 point hitch for Aufsattelgeräte

Seeders ME400
- Sow ..
- Suitable for SKE400 to saddle up

Caution! In the helper mode, the drill must be manually turned on (button B) if it is to sow hitched on the harrow.

Data to the model:
Size of Zip: 5.54 MB
Raven SKE400:
-Vram Usage: 6.98 MB
Objects in the i3d: 58
Raven Multidrill:
-Vram Usage: 5.98 MB
Objects in the i3d: 8

Data to be combined in the original:
Width: 4m
recommended power about 125HP depending on the soil more
1:1 scale mod!
It is expressly undesirable that this mod is changed or unchanged re-uploaded. If he does not like you, yes you, can you convert it private, or just not download.
Have fun sowing and harrowing wishes you model eicher.

schlueterfan1977 (LS11)
Conversion to LS13, bug fixing: model eicher
Scripts in using: model eicher, John Deere 6930

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