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Real Production v2.0
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Real Production v2.0


This is a script that changes the amount of production on any map. For works, just be installed in just a map. With this script and the production calculator you can calibrate the output values for each culture map. A chart will show how many tonnes of product per hectare will be generated.


The script EXTRAS you should put it on your map and make the call for it to work.

Important: You can only use a map with the script, if you use 2 or more maps with script, the factor will be multiplied by the number of maps with the script. More than 2 maps with the script you can not produce anything! Simply put, you use this script in just a map and it will be valid for all other maps you play. Even the original maps.


The calculator is for you to find a value that suits your requirements. This spreadsheet has 3 tabs. The first is a database that was generated from data obtained on official forum and other communities FS. They show the output values for each type of fruit detail. Shown details of yields per hectare, using fertilize ror not and using the Extras script with fertilizer or not.

The second tab is the calculator itself. You will see a small table where you should just put the values, preferably smaller than one, why the value 1 represents the original value. That is, if you put 0.75, you are affirming that production will be 25% smaller than the original production of the FS. If you place, templates 1.75, you are affirming a 75% larger than the original production of the FS production.

I researched the internet to produce each fruit and the values that appear by default are the ones I use. Different countries produce different amounts. You can find the correct value, if you know and then share these values with your friends!


Product chaff sugarBeet potato maize rape barley wheat factor *() 1,100 1,000 1,000 0,770 0,420 0,650 0,430

To use the calculator is very easy. Once you open the spreadsheet, you will see a small table, this photo and immediately below it, 2 graphs. In Notary, you just need to change the values and graphics, through calculations based on the data, show the values in tonnes per hectare.

The game works with L, so I based my script on a scale that converts liters of fruit for each kg.

To summarize then, you just need to put a value on FACTOR line to have a projection of production.

We generated graphs below, the green line shows the projection for production without the use of agrochemicals, pesticide, fertilizer or limestone. The yellow line shows projected production with the use of agrochemicals, pesticide, fertilizer or limestone. Gives all the same!



After finding the desired values, simply open the Extras script and change the value for what you want. I recommend

using Notepad + + to make changes, instead of notepad.

See the picture below:



First, you should put the folder "script" on your map. Just where is the modDesc.XML files,

pda_map.dds, SampleModMap.lua. Just copy and paste or extract it to your map.

Therefore, you should place a call to the script in the modDesc.XML file from your map.

The line should be placed just below the </ l10n>:

YOU MUST PUT DOWN THAT OF </ l10n, as in the image above:



<sourceFile filename="script/Extras.lua" />



Of course, if your map has other scripts, you just need to add the line:

<sourceFile filename="script/Extras.lua" />



This script has been removed from the map KernStadt / Monstopia by BigDaddy99.

I got in touch with the creator of the map to see who made this script but until today's date, he did not answer. Not even replied to my request for permission to publish this tutorial.

This document was created by me to facilitate beginners to install on your map and can take advantage of this great script.







You should use this script in just a map. It will take effect on all maps that vove play. Even in the original.

Never place this sccript in more than a map.


--> For more details (screens), see the readme file in PDF


Do not change the link.

keep original download link.

Worksheet created by me
removed from the script map KernStadt / Monstopia by BigDaddy99

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