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Region of Kansas v1.8
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Region of Kansas v1.8

I make a card, hope you like it.
The U.S. vasado in regions Sindo is dedicated to the U.S. state of Kansas and anger after letters in different parts of the country.

The main features are:
- 10 fields
- If the purchase agricultural fields
- No Red Harvest
- Two silo discharge areas
- Ships in breeding pigs
- From animals
- BGA large capacity but small
- You have 7 new cultures:
- Cucumber
- Tomatoes
- Oats
- Rye
- Millet
- Sunflower
- Green wheat field

several silos
aquatic animals
the sale of slurry and manure in the spring
I hope to spend many hours this card
In this new version of the animals and food near the gas station, mixer and recorded will be replaced by another.


  • Mirko
    2014-06-17 17:40
  • Gotrader
    2014-09-10 09:20
    How do you buy more fields. Field management is not part of the bank function.Driving a tractor around the map, the tractor was jerky.Machinery when driven to different points of the map and left, do not show up on the equipment screen as in the location you left them.The pig area is not identified with a pig headWhat goes in the pig bins? Potatoes? Which grain? Liquid? Where does the hay or straw go?
  • Gotrader
    2014-09-10 09:27
    There is an error on the fruits screen under Cucumber. The error is: I10nen.XMLDon't know what that means hoping you do.Had trouble with a simular Kansas Map with MOD conflicts. Lost all my machinery, when I came back after a save. Several weeks into the game.
  • Gotrader
    2014-09-10 09:31
    Where do you sell pigs? What is the feeding, cleaning requirments?Where is the selling point that has the high prices. Should have written it down. Started with S . Any thoughts to horses, or fattening cattle?
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