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Respect for Modders sign v1.0
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Respect for Modders sign v1.0

Hi LS community,
I have there times a placeable sign for the action 'RESPECT FOR Modders' made. It can be placed and has a night light. The lighting goes along with the lighting on the map to, so if it is dark or raining. Whether it works in MP, I can not say. Did I can not test it, but should work.
In my case the log is error free!
I wish you much fun with it!

Re-upload without my permission is not allowed!

Modname: Respect_for_Modders_sign
Autoren: Schwaki[112TEC]
Datum: 05/2014
3D-Modell: Schwaki[112TEC]
Skins: Schwaki[112TEC]
Ingame: Schwaki[112TEC]

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