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Rot Amazone no v1.0
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Rot Amazone no v1.0

Hir I introduce you to my Amazone spreader.
It is the original LS13 spreader, only he does instead of spreading fertilizer the rotting reversed.
He is not turned on special lowered because he's built like a tillage device that also has the advantage that helpers works!
One can thus also "cheat" because he each growth stage to steal 7, Heist whether stubble grow on or Decay is Ripe grain of it.
Working width is 18m.


  • Swedish farming
    2015-11-22 16:58
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    Can you do a version that makes all original crops grow up, i would appreciate that if there was a version of this mod that made all crops fully grown
  • Swedenfarming
    2016-08-21 20:17
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    Please say this will come out for farming simulator 2015
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