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Salem South Dakota V1.1
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Salem South Dakota V1.1

Upgrade to V1.1
This works as either a patch, or a new map.  Replace your existing Salem, South Dakota ZIP file with this one.  You can still load your existing savegame.

Roads have been lowered closer to the terrain. Please download the New Extra Content pack BELOW.  If you do not, you will have problems with the road textures flashing when you drive the 4440 and 8820.
Field Boundaries Fixed. I went around the map and tested most areas with a plow, it should not longer be a problem since I moved the boundaries closer inward on all fields.
Painted More Wheel Tracks. Most field approaches, driveways, parking lots, and other gravel areas now have quite a bit of tire tracks.  I hope you all like this feature and do not find it "sloppy"
Vehicle Store Trigger Added to Dealership.  The dealership now has a trigger, or you could just use the "P" key.
Sell Solid Manure At The 4H Barn, Lacey's Farmacy, and Freemar Fertilizer and Chemical plant.  I also added the ability to sell liquid manure, but I could not find a trailer to test it.
This trailer works well to sell solid manure: http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/30068

Description and Credits:
Extra content for Version 1.1:
The above link contains a descriptive guide to the map, John Deere and Farmall starting vehicles, and a savegame file.
If you use the extra content, you will have a savegame with American equipment, 50 sheep, and $150,000 set on hard.
If you do not use the extra content, you will start with Deutz-Fahr vehicles and no animals.
I do not take ownership of the above vehicles, yes I have proper permissions, but DO NOT upload anything here without proper permissions.

Features of the Map:
4X times the standard map size, mostly flat land, rolling in some spots.
Roads are one mile by one mile sections
Fields are scaled slightly smaller than in real life, but are still quite large
Two Interstate highways
Two towns, one based on a small Midwestern town; the other based on a city
The small town has a small town feel; a school, church, 4-H barn, and Cenex gas station.
The city has a Wal-mart, Mcdonalds, a mall, and lots of asphalt.
Several homestead from different eras in time, based on real farms
Withering disabled; feilds you own have crops planted in them
Default crops.
Buy farmsteads and field parcels separately.
If you get lost, the PDA is labeled.
The Farmers Market is where you sell wool and eggs; find it in the middle of Salem near Freemar Feed and Grain elevator.
TMR and straw are dumped in the large gable barn on Mcgregor farm; Mcgregor is labeled as 4 on the PDA.
Tip grass for the sheep by the grey silo on Feterl farm; Feterl is labeled as 1 on the PDA.
Chickens are in the red barn on Koch Farm; Koch is labeled as 3 on the PDA.
South Freemar elevator is on the North Side of Salem.  
Freemar Feed and Grain Elevator is in the middle of Salem.
You may buy seed, fertilizer, and fuel on each farm; or in Salem.
Sell grass and straw at the 4-H barn for double price, located on the South side of Salem.
Please consult the guide available in the Extra Content Pack for questions.
There are some UV errors with the map that do not affect gameplay.
There are some errors with the equipment from the Extra Content Pack, but they seem to function ok in game for the most part.

GMC Topkick: Muddbone1
Small Gooseneck Tipper:
FS13 Ready, Edits, Scripts, Creator: Muddbone1
Gooseneck Parts from Trailtech: BigCountry
Gooseneck Model: Hixes
John Deere 80’s Vintage Equipment Pack (V1): Lone Tree Ridge Farms
John Deere 8820 Turbo (V2) and John Deere 1760 12 row planter: Knagsted
John Deere 4440 Pack: Greasersnoopy
John Deere 714 Mulch Master: JohnDeere8300
Lone Tree Ridge Farms thanks Fraser Cow for helping him remove the jack on the JD1760
John Deere 8440 4WD made by Knagsted was excluded from Salem, South Dakota due to bugs
Farmall 460 and Farmall 560: Jughaid
Salem, South Dakota, Version 1 for Farming Simulator 2013
Most of the Models, Creator, Conversion to FS13: Jamie Feterl aka Feterlj
Misc. objects: Giants
Testing and ideas: Andy Koch, IH86, CC Manager Bryc and AlbertL (ground diffuse texture)
Old Windmill and Stocktank: Hermit23, FS_UK Testers
Round Barn: Hermit23, Giants for the water texture, and www.CGTextures.com
Canadian Dairy Robot Barn: Fraser Cow
Static Ducks objects: Sandgroper

  • Gadevil
    2015-01-20 20:36
    I am one of the admin on the site the original creator calls home. I ask that this map be taken down, as the creator of the map has not given his permissions for this map to be uploaded to any other sites.
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