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Scania R420 and Kroger SRB35
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Scania R420 and Kroger SRB35

ScaniaR420 and KrögerSRB35 in World Cup 2014 Skin
Who do not like him who must not download, you should have downloaded it anyway, noting that he do not like, you can delete it yes still!
Built-up functions: Lighting V3.1.2 (Sven777b); DrivingParicleSystem and DynamicExhaustingSystem (Manuel leithner); WheelParticleSystem (?); MooringBlocks (Geri-G).

The SRB 35 can be loaded with wheat, barley, canola, corn, sugar beet,
Potatoes, maize chaff, manure, grass, hay, straw, silage,
Compound feed, oats, rye, spelled, millet, sunflower,
Onions, carrots, seed, fertilizer, lime, energy willow,
Miscantus (elephant grass), green wheat, logs,
Earth, sand, gravel, crushed stone, triticale, compost, fodder beet,
Hemp, cucumbers, tomatoes, soybeans, apples, and chips.

Model: GIANTS; Tag: Hoschi97; Skin: LS-Maximus
Credits: Giants, Sven777b, Manuel leithner, Geri-G

Giants, Sven777b, Manuel Leithner, Geri-G, Hoschi97, LS-Maximus

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