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Scania Stax v2.0 Rot und Blau
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Scania Stax v2.0 Rot und Blau

It's just a concept. Planned for 2017. In the game looks very good.
For download I give you a pack of two trucks in different colors. I Introduced a lot of changes Compared To What it what in the beginning. There are several new scripts.

1 ESLimiter
2 Operating Hours
3 manualIgnition
4 wheelParticleSpec
5 Speed Display Control (My own idea for the display)

It has even full lighting (beleuchtung31) and very good driving properties. There were not many changes. Well, except turning.

Special thanks to cordti83 for permission to release.

Please keep the original Download link!

Model: ETS / GTS
LS13: cordti83, Agrar Transporte
V2/Edit: T0bi69

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    those look really good
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