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Scheunenset Part1 v1.0
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Scheunenset Part1 v1.0

Good evening .. Here's three barns on the bridge to your other maps that I think I have not been officially released. Perhaps what is yes for one or the other here ..;) The is named as part 1 because I maybe the next few days a few other buildings pack up.

Models by model eicher

# Long half-timbered barn
- Three entrances front, back a
- Attics and very spacious

# Drive-through barn
- Three sub-plots
- Completely mobile

# Small half-timbered barn
- Small shed with three entrances
- Simple truss

Have fun with it!

Modelle by modelleicher

  • Kenny
    2014-07-19 22:53
    BULLSHIT !!!
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