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Schluter Super 1700VL v1.0
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Schluter Super 1700VL v1.0

Scripts in using:
model eicher ( realisticIndoorCam , realExhaustParticleSystemV3 , RadsturzV2 , zylinderV2 , all-wheel shaft animation , hydraulicAnimations , visibilityByAttachedObject )
Sven777b ( BelV31 , toggleAnimatedParts )
Myth (Extra Weights )
Burner ( PloughingMod )

- BelV31 working lights and turn signals
- Realistic exhaust smoke
- realisticIndoorCamera
Open doors and windows -
- Animated front and rear hydraulics
- Animated front axle
- Front hydraulic a / hideable
- Switchable front weights
- Pflugmod

1:1 scale mod!

Data of the original Schlüter Supert 1700VL:
Technical data of the Schlüter Super 1700LS High Speed:
Engine: MAN D0826 LE 503 with 6.871ccm displacement and 170hp at 2200 rpm.
Maximum speed: 50km / h in high-speed execution
Weight: 6400kg , Lifting capacity: 6200kg/8400kg
Special features: high-speed design, silver finish

Data for Mod:
Vram Usage: 18.22 MB
Objects in the i3d : 92
Size of the zip : 26.5 MB

It is expressly undesirable that this mod is changed without my permission or unchanged re-uploaded . If you want to offer the mod on your DL page , please use the original DL link :)
Have fun with the mod wishes you model eicher

Modell: schlueterfan1977
Ingame: schlueterfan1977 / modelleicher
Konvertiert in LS13: modelleicher
Scripts in Verwendung von:
modelleicher(realisticIndoorCam, realExhaustParticleSystemV3, RadsturzV2, zylinderV2, AllradwellenAnimation, hydraulicAnimations, visibilityByAttachedObject)
Sven777b(BelV31, toggleAnimatedParts)

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