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Schluter Super Pack 6 v1.0
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Schluter Super Pack 6 v1.0

Here we have schlueterfan1977 and panic Racker the Schlüter Super Pack no. 6 for download.
The Schlüter Pack No.6

This pack contains the following vehicles and equipment are included:
> Schlüter Super 1050 V (built in 1982) with Stoll front loader Cretan-Iceland
> Schlüter Super 1250 VL (Year 1982)
> Schlüter Super 1500 TVL (Year 1982)

The Schlüter bananas can be used from the Schlüter Pack No.4.
Suitable tools for the loader can be found here http://www.modhoster.de/mods/stoll-schaufelset-for-euro receptive

It should not stay on Modhoster can not be compared with those here who previously uploaded Schlüter here the unmentioned here. In the pictures they look similar but are completely new tractor / models. The textures are much better and the level of detail is eg. the engine much higher.
Have fun with the mods - Expect the unexpected

Modelle: schlueterfan1977;PanikRacker(Diverse Teile), Kreters-Island(Stoll Frontlader)
Texturen: schlueterfan1977
Ingame: schlueterfan1977

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