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Schluter Super Trac 3000 TVL LS v1.0
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Schluter Super Trac 3000 TVL LS v1.0

Hello LS13 Fans
Here we have schlueterfan1977 panic rockers the Schlüter Super Trac 3000 TVL-LS
The model Super Trac 3000 TVL-LS is puzzling because the whereabouts of these models
only with the name Super Trac 2500 TVL-LS läst prove.
So while some Super Trac were equipped with turbocharged engines MAN, but still sold as 2500.
Proven created a copy in cooperation with the Unimog dealers, of course with Mercedes-Benz engine.
The buyer was the German army where he was properly equipped, remodeled and bronze-green finish.
Production period: 3 / 1988-2 / 1989
It should not remain on Modhoster can not be compared with those here previously uploaded Schlüter here the unmentioned. In the pictures they look similar, but there are completely new tractor / models. The textures are clearly better and the level of detail is much higher. I ask to consider the comments when etc., thank you;)
Have fun with the mod want schlueterfan1977 & Panic Racker.

Modelle: schlueterfan1977;PanikRacker(Diverse Teile) Texturen: schlueterfan1977 Ingame: schlueterfan1977

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