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Silage cutter Chaff v1.0
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Silage cutter Chaff v1.0

I present to you today my router for disposal!
The milling machine can mill silage, chaff, manure, hay, grass and straw.
It is washable! (Thanks to mnrazy for Dirttextur!)
The thrower has built the same function as a scoop and because I'm too lazy to shovel, I've this router.
Because where you can absorb the shovel something there goes the tiller.
Potatoes and sugar beet, I have not inserted, because I do not have mashed potatoes Particle found.
The tiller is available as a normal version and a MRVersion

A Big thank you to upsidedown for his support!
Thanks also to the Modhoster team for the great site and the work they are doing!
I wish you much fun with the cutter!



  • Ace


    2015-05-27 20:32
    Doesnt work in [MP]
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