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Silage Wagon Pack v1.0
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Silage Wagon Pack v1.0

This is a pack of rear dump silage wagons that resemble what I grew up hauling silage with. They are pretty simple, and don't have any lights or anything on them, just like in real life. I made them to haul at tractor speeds, and will start to wiggle if you pull them to fast, because they are on a running gear, and not a trailer. They have a rear attacher, so you can hook multiple wagons together. I hope you enjoy them.

Fruit Type: Chaff
*Do NOT share this model to any sites other than my original uploads!!*

If you are going to take the time to rate, please give feedback on why you do, or dont like the mod. I am always open to constructive criticism, or things that you would like to see changed. Thanks

Model: Tessfarms
Textures: Tessfarms
GravityWagon.Lua: PeterJ - euroDZN
XML work: Tessfarms

  • Putz
    2016-08-30 22:55 Send message
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    Does not seem to be loading in the game. Shows up in my mods folder but cannot locate when going to buy it in the store, any suggestions. Thx
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