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Silo textures v1.0
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Silo textures v1.0

Moin love farmers,
Here I even think about trying me to verveinern the textures of the silage silos a bit ( not changed) .
This is not for everyone , and I do not compel these textures to dl , but I hope the geschmacht of the meeting or other user ! :-)
The zip folder must be unzipped , where you then have a subfolder . Whom you open and there you have the 2 dds texture files that you can her insertion into a Mod Map! (And so the map is no longer capable MP , unless all who want to gamble with which you also replace these textures ! )
Important: ! Puts you to the safety of a backup , but fals etws goes wrong!
Logfehler ? Are not known to me !
What was ' refined ' ? Textures of the silo walls a bit ' worn ' made ; Chaff Plane Sharper resolution and detail rich ; Cover somewhat refined .
When you want to use the textures for your map , me mentioned with in the credits , thank you. :-)
I hope and expect any suggestions , criticism and if you do not like the mod and thank Recommend forget! ;-)
Mfg contractors Beet

Grundtexturen: GIANTS Software
Texturentuning: Modding-Crew LURR

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