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Single axle bale trailer v1.0
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Single axle bale trailer v1.0

Hallo Farming Simulator friends,

today I present to you my single axle bale trailer, but not MP friendly!
The downloaded file does not require unpacking.
Update 2.0 or higher is required for this mod. You can download it here.



  • scale 1:1
  • animated
  • unfortunately only SP friendly (no log errors on the Standard Map)
  • all AO textures are in .dds format

It can be automatically or manually loaded with:

  • 6 woll pallets
  • 6 big bales
  • 7 round (GIANTS) bales
  • 14 small round (Ursus) bales
  • 13 (GIANTS) square bales
  • 94 small square bales

Model: azobavnik
Ingame: azobavnik, CebuljCek
Textures: CebuljCek
Skript: d47 strawmod / Bassaddict / Steve007 / CebuljCek

  • Robert
    2014-02-18 23:46 Send message
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    I love this trailer for small square bales and am using it on three different maps using the New Holland 378 baler from the Giants mod contest. It was working fine till I installed latest Beta 2.2 patch and it no longer can pick up the New Holland 378 small bales, except if I switch to large bales and it will load six as if they were large bales. It still works on all the other bale types as well as the wool pallets. Is there some reason why it doesn't seem to work on NH small bales?
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