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Siwus Map V2 (beta)
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Siwus Map V2 (beta)

On the map you will find:
* 6 large fields (total area of ​​about 360 hectares),
* Meadow with an area of ​​about 30 hectares,
* With the purchase of agricultural machinery dealer,
* Modern farm
* Barn housed 180 head of cattle and several dozen youth and calves,
* Sheds instrumentation equipment Lely
* Moving animals (hares, wild boars, foxes, flies, eagle and dog)
* The weight of the car,
* Mod manure,
* Mod green manure,
* The super silo trigger
* Open door trigger,
* Alternative tip trigger
* Extension of fuel dispensers,
* The real value of consumption of feed for cows (one day in the game = 4.5 days in real life, one week in the game = one month in real life)
* File. I3D about 20 MB.

NOTE: This is a beta version, so there may be some errors.


  • Florian
    2014-07-21 21:09
    sehr schöne map könntest du sie auch kleiner machen
  • Chris
    2014-07-23 18:46
    Can't get it to work in FS2013...... the game can't find the mod anywhere =/
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