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Slurry and Fertilizer Trailer v2
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Slurry and Fertilizer Trailer v2

This is an edit of the default water trailer to load slurry and fertilizer from the default triggers.
All errors in V1 have been fixed thanks to info from bassaddict.
Thanks also to milpol for his AO texture tutorial.
You can use this to load excess slurry and sell it at a sell point, as well as load fertilizer from a default trigger, dump it on the ground and then using a suitable loader that accepts fertilizer, load it into a trailer or spreader that allows filling from the air. Another use is as an extra fertilizer supply for a front mounted boom sprayer or air seeder.
Two trailers are included, V2 is the original with errors fixed and V3 with different wheels. They are identical in operation.
No need to unpack the zip file, just copy straight into your mods folder.
The trailers no longer accepts water as a fruit type...
Requires Patch 2.0

Default Water Trailer - Giants
edits - sandgroper

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