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Small Fields custom harvest pack
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Small Fields custom harvest pack

Small Fields custom harvest pack
Multilayer ready
Version 2.1
Added hitch
Added passanger mod
Fuel Capacity 300L
Price  $20,000
Capacity  25000L
Fruits: wheat rape maize barley chaff potato sugarBeet
1:1 scale
beleuchtung 3.1
Gear script
Indoor sound
AO Textures
Input Bindings
Left turn lights             KP_1
Right turn lights           KP_3
Hazard lights               KP_2
Shift up/down            Mouse left/Right

Model, Texture, Scripting: Fraser Cow
wheels: Seriousmods and Fraser Cow
This pack has one flaw.
If you save a game with the DDR header trailer or and of the CT trailers unfolded or ramps down, then when you get in that truck again your game will freeze.
All ways park trailers in the same configuration as when you buy them.
also if you forget, just push x and wait.
the trailer will fold up and will snap back and you can continue your game.
Trailtech trailers : xyzspain
American Eagles Modding
FS13 converssion AlbertL
Bumper converssion AlbertL
This is the DDR self loading header trailer bumper hitch.
Lift controles for selfloader.
main j/n
upper k/m
extend numpad 9/6
rotation wrist numpad 7/4
3D Model:
NONSTOP server Mod Team (NSMT)
Assibly and design

See description

  • Albertl
    2014-05-14 20:01 Send message
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    Another legal not athorzed upload stollen from Amercan Eageles moddng uploaded by ME.You know ths sght s gong to cuase many moddlers to stop creatng good mods for the FS comunty unless you force ths sght to respect modlers wshes and remove not athorzed uploads and take them down.Nnow i'm askng for ths uploaders IP address, to have them banned from AEM.
  • Jeniffer
    2014-11-17 17:25 Send message
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    dose this pack actuly work with beta pach 2.0.1?
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