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Sosnowiec V2
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Sosnowiec V2

Author: Michal & & Dejve532 johnDER2013

Map features:
Polish climate
Polish economy multifunctional
breeding cows
chicken farm
Shop "Agromech"
curiously formed area
mod lime
mod manure
3d Trees
Dynamic earth texture
new look Straw
mod slurry
interesting landscape
fields all sizes
high quality texture
buying eggs in the store
ATM in the store
mod chaff
silo for silage
possibility to build a piggery or cielarni
electric poles
fluffy straw
All triggers acting
purchase of grain
and much more

Map is modeled on a real village in August.
If you will have a map there is any error please write to the church.

Author: Michal ★ ★ & ★ & ★ Dejve532 johnDER2013 ★

  • Gary
    2014-08-28 04:35
    I really like all of the textures and the size of your map. You have a good little map, but it is hard to find things like where to fill seed, fertilizer, sell grains, feed cows. your PDA is all messed up, (more like there isn't one at all.)
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