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Stara Reboke 16000 Plus
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Stara Reboke 16000 Plus

Today I bring for download here on the site to Stara 16000 reboke of my own, she is running for no apparent bug (if you find any comment on the posting). Below is the list of functions of the same:
The Open-Cano
B - Grain Free
G-Power On / Off Backlight in the barrel
K-Loading / Unloading Bags

Model: LS Vinicius
Textures: Vinicius LS
Scripts: Vinicius LS
In Game: Vinicius LS

  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-21 03:02 Send message
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    Really cool mod and functions great in the game ... just to bad it's broken as hell!Once you buy it ... your stuck with it in your game forever!No selling or resetting vehicle or it will crash your game!
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