Farming simulator 2019 mods
Stara wies v1
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Stara wies v1

Map has:
- Polish climate
- Nice buildings
- Small village
- Manure v2
- Slurry v2
- Hens
- Cows
- Nice area
- 3D Trees

Map ideal for c330, t25

- Prohibition of editing and issuing!
- Prohibition to change the link to pay!

V2 version of the maps will come when strikes 300 subscribe to my feed So get to work
Here are foty specific triggers: http://pokazywarka.pl/cogdzieijak/
It gives two links that as soon not expired

Tarkawski Team (If anyone does not know I'm in three persons: Teodorek, TarkawskiTeam, Tarkawski simulator Farms)

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